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History of Islam

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Islam emerged in the Arab peninsula in the 7th century BC to the Prophet Muhammad saw get a revelation from God s.w.t. After the death of Rasullullah s.a.w. the kingdom of Islam developed in the Atlantic Ocean as far West and Central Asia to the East. Long run broken to Muslims and there are many Islamic kingdoms that appear.

However, the occurrence of the Islamic kingdoms such as the kingdom Umayyah, Abbasiyyah kingdom, the kingdom of Turkish Seljuk, Ottoman Kekhalifahan, Indian Mughal empire, and the Sultanate of Malacca has become kerajaaan the largest and most powerful in the world. Place of learning science has been a great one to realize the noble civilization of Islam. Many experts of science, philosophy experts, and so appear from the lands of Islam in the mainly Islamic Zaman Gold.

In the century to the 18-and 19-to-Christian, many areas of Islam fell into the hands of European colonizers. After World War I, the Kingdom of the Ottoman Islamic empire earth worship last fall.

Arabian peninsula before the arrival of Islam is an area passed by the silk route. The Arabs is a pagan, and there is a cohort Christian and Jewish. Mecca is a sanctuary for the Arab nation when there is karana there are idols and their religion, there are Telaga Zamzam and the most important Temple.

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. was born in Mecca in the Year of Elephant (570 or 571 masihi). He was an orphan after his father bdul Muthalib bin Abdullah and his mother Aminah bint Wahab died. He grew up by the uncle Abu Talib. Mightiness later marries with Siti Khadijah and the life of a wide and safe.

However, when the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. aged approximately 40 years, were by him as the Angel Gabriel After some time he taught the teachings of Islam are closed to the colleagues, known as as-Sabiqun al-Awwalun and so are open to the entire population Mecca.

In the year 622 BC, and of followers emigrated to Medina. This event is called the Hijrah. Events that occur after the Hijrah Hijrah calendar is the start.

Mecca and Medina then fight. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. wins battle despite many of them died of the Islam. Long run the people of Islam to be strong and successful opening of Mecca. Kewafatan after the Prophet Muhammad saw, the entire Arab peninsula under the control of Islam.

Islam has been known to the Indonesian archipelago or in the first century Hijaiyah / 7 BC, although the frequency in the not too large through trade with the Muslim traders who sailed to this area stop by for some time. Introduction to Islam more intensively, especially in the Malay Peninsula and archipelago, and then take several centuries.

The first archaeological Islam in Southeast Asia are the two graves of the Muslims numbered years to around the end of the century-11M in two places that actually quite far apart, in Padurangga (now Panrang in Vietnam) and in Leran, Gresik, East Java). Gresik is a tomb in the cemetery Fatimah bint Maimun, 1082M numbered years, the king's daughter is estimated Gedah (Kedah).
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